FreshMarker Template Engine 1.0.0

I am proud to announce the release of FreshMarker 1.0.0! Having started as a small example for blog posts two years ago, FreshMarker has evolved into a robust and versatile framework designed to meet diverse templating needs.

One of the most significant changes from version 0.5.8 to 1.0.0 is the upgrade of the Java version. FreshMarker now runs on Java 21, moving up from Java 17.

FreshMarker 1.0.0 brings several new additions that enhance its capabilities and ease of use:

  • an import directive for the integration of externally held macros
  • a format builtin for numbers
  • some builtins to cast between the numbers subtypes long, integer, short, byte, double and float
  • simple string support for the Java classes StringBuffer, StringBuilder, URL, URI and UUID
  • the TemplateLoader interface to implement custome template and import load strategies
  • the null literal


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