FreshMarker Version Variable Fixes

FreshMarker is strongly characterised by KISS and YAGNI. This makes the template engine lean and yet powerful. But in some places, the simplicity leads to careless mistakes.

In the first versions, the system variable .version was defined as a constant for the FreshMarker version. Unfortunately, this meant that the version number was regularly forgotten to be updated before the release.

In-Memory Temp Folder in JUnit 5

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While implementing some tests for the Freshmarker 1.0.0 release, I discovered another interesting possibility for a JUnit 5 TempDirFactory implementation. But first things first.

FreshMarker Import Directive

FreshMarker is an embedded Java template engine that focusses on extensibility and simplicity. For this reason, every implementation of an extension is associated with weighing up its pros and cons. For a long time, the import directive therefore remained an unrealised feature.

Mutation Testing

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When I first heard about mutation testing, I was – to put it kindly – very confused. The idea that we change our code to see which tests fail doesn’t look particularly promising at first glance. But if you take a closer look at the approach, you realize the potential it holds.

Custom Temp Folders in JUnit 5

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It is always instructive to look at well-known open source projects to learn from the implementation used. Sometimes you look at the unit tests and start to wonder. A serious problem with large and old frameworks is the time-consuming adaptation to changing environments. Modern features in libraries such as JUnit 5 simplify the code base immensely.

Better names for JUnit 5 Test

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The JUnit 5 test library offers a wide range of options for extending the framework and thus simplifying the work of software developers. One of these options is the DisplayNameGenerator, which can be used to modify the generation of test names in the console output. When creating exercises for a course, I was surprised to find that there is a DisplayNameGenerator that replaces underscores with spaces, but none that handles the camel case form. Fortunately, this can be changed.

How to test Error Prone Bug Patterns

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The article Bug Pattern in Eigenbau showed how easily the Error Prone catalogue can be expanded with your own Bug Patterns. However, it failed to mention what unit tests for such Bug Patterns look like.

Statische Methoden mocken mit Mockito

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Hin und wieder entdeckt man als Software Entwickler ein Feature in einer Bibliothek wieder, dass man schon zweimal vergessen hat. Wenn man dieses wiederentdeckte Wissen mit einem Kollegen teilen kann, dann ist es nicht nur schön sondern verbessert auch noch die Qualität der täglichen Arbeit.

Automatisch generierte Enum Converter (2)

Im vorherigen Beitrag wurde ein Annotation Processor vorgestellt, mit dem AttributeConverter für Enum Klassen automatisch generiert werden können. Kaum war dieser fertig gestellt, bahnten sich schon die ersten Änderungen an. Die WithEnumConverter Annotation erhält die neuen Attribute ordinal, nullKeyForbidden, exceptionIfMissing und verliert das Attribut representation

Automatisch generierte Enum Converter

In diesem Beitrag finden zwei meiner Steckenpferde hier im Blog zusammen. Es sind die Annotation Processors und die Enums. Beide gemeinsam können ein schon lange bestehendes Problem der Enums auf recht elegante Weise lösen.